Wigginsia vorwerkianus

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Description: Parodia sellowii var. vorwerkiana is the Colombian form of the wide ranging and very variable Parodia sellowii. The differences with other Parodia sellowii are in reality very minimal and most botanist agree on the fact that both should all be included in the Parodia sellowii, and the two plants are not readily distinguishable, if not for the geographical provenance. This species is a low growing cactus about 15 cm diameter starting out spiny then becoming more woolly. The stems are flattened globular and will bear several glossy yellow flowers around the very woolly stem apex in mid summer. 
Habit: Usually solitary.
Stem: Broadly orbicular flattened and growing partly underground, but the plant's stem in cultivation is usually globular or ovoidal and aerial, up to 20 cm tall, 15 cm in diameter, bright glossy green, dark green or grey-green. The apex is depressed and filled with whitish-grey wool.
Ribs: (12-)16-18(-22), at maturity well marked, shallow more or less sharp, with scarcely prominent chinned tubercles. The crest of the ribs typically turns a purple red colour in full sun.
Areoles: Well spaced, woolly, recessed, 15-20 mm in diameter.
Radial spines: 4 to 10 (-12), yellowish, sturdy, about 20 mm long, curved down or backward.
Central spines: 0 or 1, slightly heavier but not very different from the the radials.
Flowers: Lemon yellow with glossy petals (sometime shaded with pink), up to about 4-5 cm in diameter, and standing near the top, decorated with about 8 to 10 red pistil lobes which emphasize the yellow of the petals. The buds are tomentose.
Blooming season: They bloom annually around July.
Fruits: Fleshy reddish to purple, about 10 mm long.
Seeds: 1 mm, long, black.
Remarks: When the plants become older they look quite different from the juvenile forms, and this is evident when we can observe a seedling growing next to an older plant - the younger plant is smoother and the older plants have ribs and tubercles - one would almost think they were different species.


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